The Next Epic Way to Die: Water Skijoring

You’ve gone beach riding. You’ve seen skijoring. But horses and surfing? Yup. This is happening.

I’ve always wanted to give skijoring a try: You know, that epic snow sport of pulling a skier behind a horse? But biffing it and plowing facefirst into frozen death-earth and having to get dentures to replace all the teeth I’d lose has stopped me from biting the bullet — so to speak.

But a mouthful of ocean water on an 80-degree day? THAT I COULD DO.

Filmed at the Turks and Caicos Islands east of Cuba, baller horse “Freckles” doesn’t mind pulling a surfer behind him one little bit, because apparently even island horses are all like, “chill vibes, man”. Heaven knows this would never fly with my horse in the suburbs.

This is one of many spectacular adventures films shot by filmmaker Chris Hau. If you’re into crazy fun and travel of all varieties (sometimes horse related and sometimes not) we highly recommend checking out his Facebook page. Or if you’re looking for an island horse adventure of your own, check out the fine folks at Caicos Corral, who provided lovely horse Freckles for this shoot.

In the meantime, keep coming up with crazy ways to make fun with horses, consider adding a brain bucket to the equation, and go riding. (AND IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS HOLY, DON’T FORGET TO FILM IT!)

Additional slightly longer version of the water skijoring from Chris’s page:

Go riding.

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