Fantasy Farm Thursday: The Complete Fairytale

Once upon a time, Horse Nation found you a dream barn…

You go to bed one night, feeling forlorn after watching your barnmates load up the trailer for another weekend show you simply can’t afford. It costs you every last cent just to pay the full-care board at your barn, and they forget to give your horse his supplements half the time anyway. You look out over your simple suburban neighborhood as you drift off to sleep, wondering when it will be your chance to go to the ball.

You awake suddenly, to a small, winged, glowing lady floating in your room, wearing a powder blue business suit. “Are you my fairy god mother?” You ask.

“What? Oh, no, she’s visiting friends in Palm Springs. I’m even better. I’m your fairy god realtor! And we’ve got to find your fairytale ending! Just sign and date here, here, here, here, here and here.”

You sign a small mountainload of paperwork and with a swish of her clipboard, poof! You magically appear in the middle of this:

“Is this the ball?” you ask.

“Oh no, dear. This is Belgium.”

Built in 1851, this masterpiece of a property was recently dismantled, every brick cleaned and restored, and completely rebuilt. The estate is surrounded by “meadows, forests, heathland and dunes” according to the listing, and borders a massive nature preserve.

The barn complex features a massive indoor arena with second level spectating and dining facilities, luxury stables, a solarium, and all the other over-the-top features you’d imagine in your fairytale barn. Naturally, there is also a charming cottage for workers and additional outbuildings.

The manor includes a magnificent indoor pool, a terribly romantic cinema room with star gazing mood lighting (“Did that paperwork include a Prince Charming?” you’re wondering) a sauna, and all sorts of other random things rich people put in houses, like half a dozen extra bathrooms and such.

“This is great, fairy god realtor, but what will it cost me?” You ask.

“Well, for the average joe, my dear, such a property is currently listed at €12.5 million ($13,412,000), but tonight, for you, it’s absolutely free.”

You ride all night, take a quick dip in the pool, warm up in the sauna, and drift to sleep under electric stars. When you awake, you’re back in your own little bed in suburbia, wondering if it was all a dream. As you step out of bed, you notice a sparkly clipboard and a mountainload of signed paperwork beneath your feet.

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