World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Country Ride

Especially if you’re digging out from Stella (we’ve got about 2′ at HN HQ and it’s still coming down this morning) this lovely, green-filled sunlit ride in the countryside looks pretty nice right about now!

Sunshine, green fields and great company — what more could you ask for, especially if you’re snowbound at the moment? This drone cam video has us dreaming of warmer days and long gallops down perfect lanes. Get swept away for a few moments:

Take a nice deep breath and imagine you’re there, the wind rushing in your ears as your horse’s mane whips back and his hooves drum over the earth in a regular, balanced cadence. Isn’t that just what you needed to start your hump day?

Now, don’t look out your window.

Go riding (if you can!)


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