Fantasy Farm Thursday: If Malibu Barbie and Bad Eq Barbie Had a House

You want fantasy? I’ll give you fantasy, fools. To the tune of $15 million worth of horse property in Malibu.

It’s everything that a young horse girl always thought Malibu Barbie OUGHT to have (if a horse girl finds herself in a situation where she simply must play with a Malibu Barbie).

A proper Barbara of the California coast needs a pristine white castle built in the era of Britney Spears’ rise to glory, a pool that looks like it belongs to a hotel, and of course, a nice spread of barns, turnout, and arena space for that herd of glittery palominos upon which she’s always demonstrating that extraordinary equitation of hers.


If you’re seeking the key to that physiologically impossible plastic lady’s hollow heart, look no further, Ken:

Nestled right along the Pacific Coast Highway in the iconic hood of Malibu, this property is a bit of a funny one. On the one hand, SWIMMING POOL, MALIBU OCEAN VIEWS, AT LEAST SIXTEEN BATHROOMS.


All screenshots via YouTube.

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On the other hand, weirdly enough, the horse property is going to need just a smidge of TLC. The barn is solid, land is lovely, but new fences and a few shady loafing sheds would do the joint wonders. Let’s just say that Bad Eq Barbie was probably in charge of this situation, but all is not lost.

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At $15 million, we’re just going to assume that the buyer has the means to do a little spiffing up in back, and then will be┬árocking one of the Barbiest pads in all of North America. Sparkly buckets are an absolutely must.

You can see more about this property at the original listing.

Go Riding.

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