Mounted Police DO Pull People Over

A tale told in hashtags.

Entertainer Jay Allen was pulled over last week in Atlanta, Georgia for running a stop sign. This sounds fairly routine, except that the officer pulling him over was a mounted policeman:

Because Jay Allen’s hashtag game is pretty on point, here are a few of our favorite descriptors from this moment:

  • #TwoWholeHorsesAreStandingBehindMyCar
  • #HeDidntEvenHaveASirenHePulledMeOverByPointingAggressively
  • #ThePointingWasSoAggressiveIOriginallyThoughtHeWasDoingADiscoDance
  • #IThoughtItWasAMardiGrasParadeFor3SecondsBecauseHeWasBlowingAWhistle
  • #WhenYouGetPulledOverByAHorsePeopleSlowDownAndLookInYourCarTheEntireTimeTheyArePassingYourCar
  • #BecauseIfYouGetPulledOverByAHorseYouDefinitelyDidSomethingBadAndTheyWantToUseThose3secondsToFigureOutWhatItWas

This incident does answer an age-old question that’s been burning away in our brain for awhile — what exactly happens when a mounted police officer pulls someone over? This, my friends. This is what happens.

Go riding.

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