#RoccoTheSausageDog: An Equestrian Hero

There is no such thing as a “non-barn” breed of dog.

A video of a “sausage dog” leading his horsey friend around is going viral on social media:

This little wiener dog is named Rocco, and as it turns out, he is quite the little equestrian. Browsing through his Instagram account (yes, he has his own Instagram… don’t all dogs?) reveals an accomplished little eventing dog, residing in Scotland. Don’t let his wee legs and long sausage-shaped body fool you — #RoccoTheSausageDog is a solid little horseman. From helping to bring the horses in…

(Okay, maybe he gets a little confused here:)

…to perfecting his skills in the saddle…

…to mastering coursewalk at the scenic Blair Castle Horse Trials…

…to supporting his eventing team, Rocco is pretty much the man.

Eventing Nation’s Chinch better watch his back.

Follow the adventures of Rocco the Sausage Dog at his Instagram account @rocco_the_sausagedog. Go barn dogs of any shape and size… and go riding!

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