Thursday Video: Glass-Blown Horse

Let yourself be hypnotized for the next minute and a half by this talented glassblower as he creates a horse before your eyes!

We all respect the horse not only as an animal, companion, athlete and friend, but as a living, moving work of art — but let’s face it, a horse is not an easy shape to recreate in some mediums (remember your early days with Play-Doh?) Those dainty legs, that arched neck, pricked ears and flowing mane and tail certainly don’t lend themselves well to plenty of mediums, and you might imagine that a blown glass equine sculpture presents plenty of challenge.

This guy, however, makes it look relatively easy — watch as a single “blob” of hot glass becomes a horse in just a minute and a half.

Well, from someone who can barely draw a basic stick-figure horse, that was pretty impressive. We respect not only the art of riding a horse, but the art of creating one as well.

Go riding!

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