Tuesday Video: Go Easy On the Trumpet

PSA: “First Call” might be a bad choice of ringtone for OTTB owners.

Ordinarily, “First Call” would be a great ringtone, and maybe even a better phone alarm for waking up in the morning — if you love horse racing, nothing gets your heart pumping faster than the traditional trumpet call to post. Apparently, the same thing is true for this OTTB, who gets pretty jazzed when someone’s cell phone rings in the barn aisle.

According to the video description: “One of the ladies at the barn has her ringtone set to the trumpet that plays before the races at the track. Baloo is usually very quiet in the crossties… maybe avoid playing that around an off the track thoroughbred!”

Easy there, buddy. Might be a good time to change that custom ringtone, at least for this individual horse!

Go OTTBs, and go riding!

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