Watch This: How Your Saddle Silver Is Engraved

A silver-trimmed tack set on a western horse is a true thing of beauty — ever think about how much work goes into creating all that hand-engraved silver?

Harris Leather and Silverworks is a byword in the western horse industry for quality and craftsmanship. The Harris family has hand-produced top-quality tack and accessories that transcend the boundary between tool and art, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that turn heads. From custom saddles and bridles to trophy belt buckles, as well as working tack without ornamentation, Harris tack is built to last.

How much work goes into creating that expertly engraved sterling silver trim? Check out this mesmerizing video that shows not only the amount of time it takes to create a piece, but the skill of the engraver as well:

That also helps explain why good tack is expensive — you’re paying for a lot of man hours!

Go riding.

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