Fantasy Farm Thursday: The Big Red Barn of Your Dreams


Have a seat. Get comfortable. You’re getting sleepy. Very sleepy. You’re drifting off to a deep, magical forest where your inner child frolics, rides copper-haired ponies, and eats chocolate cake for breakfast. What’s that beyond trees? It’s just a hint of red — you cluck to your sassy pony who sprints for the hill ahead, and as the trees part, you see a big, beautiful red barn. Yes, the perfect, pristine barn you saw in every children’s book, every fantasy of your youth about the farm you’d own someday.

Was it, oh, THIS ONE?

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All Photos courtesy of Lori Vogel Equestrian Real Estate.

I know. I felt a little violated too, that someone broke into my subconscious like that, ripped out my deepest desires, put them on a blueprint, and built my little equestrian fantasy on 12 darling acres on the eastern seaboard. But I also feel a little giddy, because my childhood dreams are for sale.

Great news: It’s as perfect on the inside as it is on the outside. Your perfect barn includes six 12′ x 12′ stalls, all-wood interiors made with the finest materials and perfectly maintained, wide, safe barn aisles, a fully equipped wash rack, a massive hay loft for storage, Breyer games and Saddle Club Meetings, and a beautiful heated tack room and feed room.

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Better yet, there are two gorgeous homes on site so that you and your childhood BFF can split the farm and have one house each, just like you planned during your Saddle Club meetings. The first is a custom 3,500 square foot home with a massive entertaining kitchen, reading nooks and spa-like bathrooms, and the second home is a charming 4 bedroom residence with all the charms of farm life. Neither party will walk away feeling short-sheeted on this one.

House #1:

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House #2:


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Oh, and don’t forget the tree house that overlooks the outdoor turnout/grass arena. Because, as we mentioned, your inner child DID design this.

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Last but not least, a heated garage and workshop for your hot pink dodge and matching horse trailer, as well as shop space for Timmy McCarthy, that kid from your 2nd grade class you’re POSITIVE you’re going to marry someday. You really did think of everything, didn’t you?

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The complete dream is awaiting you for a current listing price of $1.49 million. More information available at the original listing. Thanks to Lori Vogel Equestrian Properties for sharing her listing with us! Go Riding.

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