Watch the Preview For Award-Winning Documentary ‘Herd’

Check out this ten-minute trailer for the full-length documentary “Herd,” winner of Best Director at the EQUUS Film Festival — the doc depicts the healing power of horses in a natural environment.

Stefan Morel earned the 2016 EQUUS Film Festival’s Winnie Award for Best Director for his work in Herd, a full-length documentary that explores the healing power of horses in a natural environment.

The documentary follows participants in an equine retreat at Liz Mitten Ryan’s Gateway 2 Ranch in Kamloops, British Columbia. Each participant’s journey is individualized and unique to their experience and can include ground work, liberty sessions, riding, meditation, animal communication and more. Participants are invited to follow the herd — to actually roam over 300 acres following the horses on their natural path, letting the earth and the animals heal the humans.

The documentary itself is a work of art, featuring beautiful landscapes, a delicate and soothing score and plenty of intimate shots of horses at their best and most natural. Watch a short version of the full documentary, which is slated to release later this spring:

Horses have long been respected as healers through a variety of ways — whether through a retreat program such as the one depicted here to a simple nuzzle of your riding horse at the end of a stressful day. The unique experience offered here at Gateway 2 Ranch certainly appears to be powerful for those who have experienced it.

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Go horses. Go riding!

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