Video: The Self-Motivated Swimmer

We bet this guy also keeps his stall tidy and manages to look freshly-groomed on his own first thing in the morning.

On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself musing while weighing up horse feed how easy life would be if someone would serve me a physiologically-appropriate measured and supplemented meal every day — gone would be any worry about balancing my own carbs and proteins, getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables and fear that someday I’m going to snap and just gorge myself on mozzarella sticks with reckless abandon.

To further drive home this point, we have this horse — a self-motivated swimmer who basically leaps right in the pool for his fitness regimen with much more enthusiasm than I ever headed out for a run around the neighborhood. Horses, you guys have got it good.

No handler, no sidewalker, no problem. Well then. If I could harness the amount of motivation this horse has in one hoof I’d certainly be in lean, mean fighting shape. Oh well.

Go riding!

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