Best of JN: 5 HITS Coachella Looks We Love

Bonus points for the gal who snagged Kaley Cuoco for a photo.

You would expect the HITS Coachella fashion scene to be every bit as spectacular and daring as the Coachella music festival, wouldn’t you? It’s not a bad guess, and we’ve got evidence to prove it. Here are five looks we love after doing a little insta-snooping on the scene in Thermal.

Matching your hair to your breeches. Especially when they’re orchid!

Brim, with an extra side of Brim. You’re gonna have this skin your whole life, ladies and gents. California girls know you need to take care of it with proper (and stylish) helmet shade.

Everyone needs a little Mickey around?

A photo posted by Katrina komitsch (@katrinakomitsch1) on

????? A photo posted by Emilie Bell (@emilie.belllll) on

Layers. In the morning it’s freezing. In the late morning it’s raining. In the afternoon, you’re so hot you could die. Just another day in the California desert. Best come prepared.

@kendahlll @mskatiecox at Thermal Hits taking Blues ??

A photo posted by V̲LA (@volumelosangeles) on

Gigi ? #ponyjumpers A photo posted by Royal Horses Stables (@royalhorsesstables) on

??Pony Power @itsjett88 ?? #tbt #bestie #ponypower #hitscoachella #hits2015

A photo posted by Samantha Rivera (@sammytheslammer) on

Dunky was amazing week 2! We won a class and stepped up to the 1.30s❤ A photo posted by Julia MacAngus & Makayla Barta (@jmacs_makbarta) on

Mauve/Maroon/Burgundy Jackets. This color is everywhere. Men, women, children. And they all look fabulous. (We are pretty sure Michelle Parker kicked off this killer trend.)

Michelle Parker and Cupilor A photo posted by Nick Souza (@nsouzaphoto) on

Denver 23 & Savanah had a great first half stepping into the big tracks on the Grand Prix field at @hitscoachella ?☀️ A photo posted by Magnolia Farms (@magnolia.farms) on


American riding style ??


A photo posted by LE CAVALIER BLEU (@lecavalierbleu) on

@katalina_rickard114 and Prime Time were Children’s Hunter Champions today at @hitshorseshows Coachella @katewillowbrook A photo posted by The Plaid Horse Magazine (@theplaidhorsemag) on


Staying focused #gamefaces


A photo posted by Monarch Stables Show Team (@themonarchriders) on

Dope Shades. Need I say more? (And remember, snapchat shades provide plenty of good clean fun, but exactly 0 protection from sun death.

Dad & doggy ? watching the derby ??#ilovehorseshows #hitsthermal A photo posted by laurabieser (@laurabieser) on

Marie Rouge & Michael Ashton @michaelashton @hitscoachella2017 2017 A photo posted by Frontierfarms (@frontierfarms) on

Mi amores!❣❣@SamanthaAnn A photo posted by anneGhrist (@anagristo) on

This darling girl, her powder blue jacket, matching braid bows, and winner of a pony. That, my friends, is swagger you cannot buy.

@jumping_my_bays #ponywhynot #upandover #hitscoachella2017 #horsesofinstagram #ponyshortstirrupchampion #desertcircuitwk2 #missthermal #WhyNot A photo posted by a͙m͙y͙ w͙a͙g͙n͙e͙r͙ (@amywagnerphotography) on

Go styling, Go Coachella, and Go Jumping.

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