Fantasy Farm Thursday: Outside is for Chumps — Interconnected Home and Barn

Feeling a little chilly in a snowy, long winter? We have just the thing — an interconnected home and barn in Connecticut that can be yours for less than $1 million. LESS THAN $1 MILLION.


All photos courtesy of The Lori Vogel Team.

Commuting to the barn. Shoveling snow walkways to the barn. Putting on 13 layers of socks, boots, jackets, windbreakers and woolly hats to not die on the way to the barn. All these realities can become ghostly memories if you can get your hands on this little gem: a 26-acre farm in Connecticut with a seamless, weather-free connection from home to barn. Every horse woman with poor circulation’s winter dream.

Limerick Farm is locatedĀ on possibly the best named street of all time: Roast Meat Hill Road, so called because of a long ago barn fire where many dairy cows were lost, but much barbecue was won. The farm is surrounded by idyllic forests and quaint farms, and also nearly equidistant from New York City and Boston for an urban diversion.

The farm itself has all the fantasy fixins: a workmanlike 22-stall barn, a large indoor arena, a massive outdoor ring, great rider amenities like a barn kitchen and viewing room, and a swath of pristine, lean and green turnouts for all your equine BFFs.

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The Nantucket-style home is also a true winner — while you may be steps from the barn, you’d never know it from the inside of the house, which is a country oasis of updated and welcoming rooms and stunning entertainment spaces. There is also a second home that would be suitable for barn staff, rentals, or out-of-town guests.

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Freakishly, this sweet little property is available for less than $1 million; $974,900 to be exact (as of 2/9/17), which is an absolute steal for a property with this home and these amenities. The indoor arena alone should put the price tag over a million in this area.

If you’ve got the cash, the rich uncle, or a sugar daddy, now is the time to cash in, friends. You can get more information at the original listing. Thanks realtor Lori Vogel for sharing her listing with us!

Go Riding.

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