Thursday Video: Mini Horse Derby

These little buggers stop for no man.

One sight that never gets old for equestrians of any experience or age is a herd in full flight, manes and tails streaming like banners, hooves thundering over the ground. We can’t help but sigh and squeal with delight, urge our favorite steeds to take the lead and these days, whip out the smartphone to take a video.

The stampede at So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary might be a bit shorter than many, but it’s not much slower — watch these miniature horses just tearing it up, around and around and around:

So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary of West Hemet, California rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes miniature horses in need while maintaining a great social media presence to keep the world enthralled by videos of minis simply having a blast, living free from hunger, abuse and fear.

To learn more about So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary, we encourage readers to visit the rescue’s website and follow them on Facebook.

Go riding!

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