Tuesday Video: Pony Loves Snow

Remember when you were so excited to see snow as a kid that you just ran everywhere in excitement? This pony embodies that spirit.

When you grow up, it can be difficult to maintain that same sense of wonder and delight you might have experienced as a child when it started snowing outside. And sure — snow isn’t necessarily that pretty form of precipitation that meant you got a free day off from school, but a slippery, chilly substance that makes the commute to work as well as things like barn chores much more difficult.

To try to bring back that childhood sense of magic, we suggest you watch this pony rocking out in the snowfall in what appears to be a suburban backyard. We have no idea where this pony came from, if he lives in this yard or is just visiting, but regardless of his origin, he is having one heck of a good time.

We give this guy an A+ for effort. Run, pony, run.

Go riding!

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