World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Tandem Driving

Single tandem is a tricky hitch on its own… add a marathon course and you’ve got a heck of a challenge!

Marathon driving helmet cams are one of my favorites to watch — the middle phase of combined driving, marathon is the driving equivalent to the eventing cross-country course. There’s terrain to navigate, gates to nail in the correct order with plenty of challenging turns and there is galloping. In harness. While hooked. It looks like a wild ride!

Single tandem — when two horses are hitched in single file — is particularly tricky for the driver. There is no side-by-side partner for the horses to rely on; the front horse is a bit of a “free agent” attached only by his traces and the lines to the rest of the ensemble. When it goes well, it’s a beautiful hitch to observe, and today’s marathon helmet cam is a masterclass in how it’s done.

Combined drivers: redefining controlled insanity since the beginning of equestrian sport.

Go driving!

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