Tuesday Vid: Another Use For the Hot Walker, Winter Edition

Forget sledding. You can even forget the one-horse open sleigh. I’m gonna get me one of these.

Two of our favorite video categories on Horse Nation are hot walker videos (you’d be surprised, actually, how many of these there are) and equestrians making their own wintertime fun videos. On rare occasions, these worlds collide into one — how is this for a creative way to use the exercise walker??

It looks like the only materials required are a walker, a mucking-out shovel and a lead rope. And, of course, snow. We don’t recommend trying this without snow.

The non-stop gleeful yell from this wee passenger really gets us giggling. Or… well, we hope that’s gleeful yelling.

Equestrian ingenuity never ceases to impress! What kind of fun activities are you inventing around the barn this winter? Share in the comments section — and go riding!

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