Daily Dose of Adorable: Horse & Squeaky Toy

Meet the Internet’s newest equine viral star.

There are a few YouTube celebrities that transcend the boundaries of passion and hobby and appeal to pretty much everyone. These are the kinds of videos that your non-horsey friends will post on your Facebook wall, or tag you in and say “Thought of you!” Horse Nation, meet the latest horsey Internet celebrity taking the worldwide web by storm: Kruzah, the horse who loves his squeaky toys.

Disclaimer, as brought up by a reader who sent us this video, we think it bears mentioning that toys designed for children or dogs may not hold up to the kind of wear and tear exerted by a horse, and we encourage any horse owner seeking to discover if their horse too enjoys a good squeaky toy to closely monitor play. Dislodged pieces of the toy or the squeaker could be a choking hazard and wreak all kinds of damage if they make it to the stomach.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way… you do you, Kruzah. And we, the watchers of the horsey internet, salute you.

Go riding!

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