Video: You Say Hay Net, We Say Cat Hammock

Nobody knows how to liven up a scene like a barn cat.

Barn cats are a particularly lively addition to any barn scene: alternately friendly, cuddly and warm or totally feisty and remarkably pointy at multiple ends, a barn cat never ceases to either make you feel totally loved or completely confused. A good barn cat serves many purposes: rodent and pesky bird control, companions for the humans who frequent the barn and of course companions for the horses who live there. And at the same time, they’re wildly entertaining.

Take this duo, for example. The video’s original poster, Angela Kostiuk, states that the filly Darla is on stall rest, and she’s happy that the horse seems to be entertained by these sassy little barn cats getting way too much entertainment out of a hay net.

Hey, if you’ve gotta be on stall rest, might as well spend the time with some friends. This animal friendship warms our hearts as well as our funny bones!

Go riding.

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