SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: #ILoveMyTB

Happy birthday, Thoroughbreds!

Happy New Year, and to our Thoroughbred friends, happy birthday! On January 1, regardless of actual birth date, all Thoroughbreds registered with the Jockey Club turn one year older, making New Year’s Day not just a fresh start with a new calendar but a giant birthday celebration as well.

In that spirit, SmartPak is giving away a free bag of SmartCookies to one lucky Thoroughbred for their birthday — all you have to do is post a photo and a message about your Thoroughbred to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the tag #ILoveMyTB. The contest closes at midnight tonight, so don’t dawdle!

Here are a few of our favorite entries so far:

#ilovemytb because no matter what flaws i have, he looks beyond that and shows me endless love and compassion. he tries so incredibly hard for me off and on the saddle, in and out of the arena, and anytime else. When im having a bad day you make funny faces, gallop up to me, let me snuggle you, buck and gallop around in tour paddock. But most importantly, you let me, be me. And for 2 years, ive told you my secrets, cried on you, fallen off of you, beld from you, been mad at you, loved you so much i wanted to just squeeze you ( which is kinda hard considering im like a tenth of your size. ) , and gotten through hardships. you have taught me so much, peter. but you havent just taught me how to ride, you taught me how to love and accept people for who they are. and that, is why #ilovemytb and i couldnt thank you enough. so this, is for all the forever horses, and to all the Thoroughbreds. ❤ thank you

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Go Thoroughbreds, go SmartPak, and go riding!

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