SmartPak Mon AM Feed: The Trans-SmartPakian What?

If this isn’t the perfect cure for a post-Christmas Monday morning, we’re not really sure how else to help you.

We hope you had a great holiday weekend full of friends, family and of course plenty of horses — and if you’re back to work on this fine Monday, we hope you ease into the final work week of the year with all the grace of Valegro. To help make the transition a bit easier, we’ve got this video from our friends at SmartPak.

And before you ask, yes, that IS SmartPak’s IT department, dressed in horse masks and playing what appears to be a Rock Band set to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Scratch that — that’s the Trans-SmartPakian Horsechestra.

This piece of artwork was part of the IT department’s submission for SmartPak’s annual office decorating contest, which apparently gets pretty competitive between offices. Surprisingly, the Trans-SmartPakian Horsechestra’s efforts were only good for second place — check out all of the entries below and see who was the big winner.

Thanks, SmartPak, for making our Monday morning a little more bright.

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