Tuesday Video: Mini Skijoring Posse

If this isn’t #squadgoals then you might be hanging out with the wrong group of friends.

In the forests of Quebec lies a magical place where you can explore the forest from your very own MINI HORSE-DRAWN CHARIOT. And if that’s not exciting enough on its own, by winter those chariots are alternately placed on runners … or transformed into harnesses for skijoring, all on groomed trails that wind through a winter wooded wonderland.

Witness the magic:

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This magical place is the Ranch du cheval d’Or, located in Rivière-Rouge, Quebec. The ranch offers a unique array of activities, including the horse and pony chariot tours in the summer, the “horse sled”or skijoring tours by winter and dog sledding in winter as well. For “pony joering” the website states that you just need to bring your ski boots — the ranch supplies the rest!

Learn more about Ranch du cheval d’Or and book a trip today at the ranch’s website — and make sure you bring your helmet camera along, because we want to experience the magic too!

Go driving!

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