SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Valegro’s Top 5 Moments

Just hours away from the great Valegro’s official retirement ceremony at Olympia in London, we’re revisiting his top five moments courtesy of the FEI.

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro competing at London Olympia. Photo courtesy of Kit Houghton/FEI.

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro competing at London Olympia. Photo courtesy of Kit Houghton/FEI.

Valegro. His very name has nearly become synonymous with the grace, power and beauty of Grand Prix-level dressage, but also representative of true horsemanship, a humble partnership and an example of what it means to truly do right by a horse.

After smashing the world record, earning multiple Olympic and World Equestrian Games medals and putting the entire sport of dressage on the radar all over the world, not to mention launching the career of his human partner Charlotte Dujardin and opening doors she never imagined, the time has finally come for Valegro to dance his final dance: the superstar horse will be retiring today in a formal ceremony at the Olympia Horse Show of London after the World Cup freestyle performance. “Blueberry” isn’t competing, just exhibiting at Olympia, but it’s clear that the crowds have come in large part just to see him.

Here are some of the reactions from those who came to watch Valegro’s exhibition at Olympia on Tuesday:

During this exhibition, Valegro’s groom Alan Davies was honored with an award from the Groom’s Association, recognizing his critical role in keeping “Blueberry” fit, happy and healthy.

The World Cup freestyle begins today at 1:30 PM EST, followed immediately by Valegro’s retirement ceremony. You can watch the whole thing live via FEI TV.

In the meantime, the FEI has put together a highlight video featuring the top five moments from Valegro’s distinguished international career.

And because nothing compares to the total magic of watching a performance in full, here’s his world-record-breaking performance from Olympia just two years ago:

Grab your tissues and prepare to say farewell to this horse who has forever changed the sport of dressage, challenging us to believe in the impossible and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Happy retirement, Valegro — you’ve earned it.

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