SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: SmartPak LIVE!

Did you catch Sarah and Sara live on Friday?

It’s no secret that we love SmartPak‘s video series. Which one, you ask? All of them! From “Stuff Riders Say” to “Ask the Vet” SmartPak keeps us both informed and up to date, and totally cracking up. One of our all-time favorites, of course, is “If Horses Were People” — and on Friday, SmartPakers Sarah and Sara treated us to a live performance based on fan feedback!

(Thanks to some touch-and-go WiFi and an overly sensitive Facebook Live experience, the live video got split into two — oops.)

Unscripted, unedited… and still just as hilarious as ever. We’re ready for the SmartPak Sara(h) show to go on the road and tour all over Horse Nation, don’t you think?

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Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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