Video: Yet Another Mannequin Challenge

This guy is taking it to the next level.

Every time we think we’ve seen the best #MannequinChallenge out there, another equestrian comes along with a video that one-ups the last one we watched. The premise is pretty simple: freeze in place like a mannequin, and then video the performance — the more active the role of the mannequin (such as swinging a saddle over a horse’s back), the better the effect!

This latest masterpiece comes from the talented liberty trainer and performer Santí Serra Camps, who stuns audiences all over the world with his unique and awe-inspiring performances.

Okay, you win! Seriously, I consider it a good day if I can get my horse to stand still at the mounting block, so this is pretty impressive.

For more amazing videos from Santí Serra, follow him on Facebook!

Go riding.

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