World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Beach OTTB

Gallop an ex-racehorse on the beach in today’s World Equestrian Brands helmet cam video!

Our Wednesday Helmet Cam series is a wonderful excuse to slip into a video reverie for a few moments to travel the world from the back of a horse: each video allows us to enjoy a new aspect of horse life, from driving a big hitch of draft horses in New England to swimming with dolphins in Australia to galloping with zebra and wildebeest in South Africa.

Today’s Helmet Cam destination is Tentsmuir Beach, Fife, Scotland! Saddle up for a brisk beachy gallop aboard Jim the ex-racehorse and feel the wind in your hair and the salt air on your cheeks.

Go Jim go! What a speedy fellow and what a lovely, wide-open expanse of beach for a nice gallop along the water.

Go riding!

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