SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Boyd Exell Earns Commanding Win

The unstoppable Australian Boyd Exell and his four stunning horses just won the second FEI World Cup Driving qualifier in Stockholm, Sweden by THIRTY-SEVEN seconds. We’ve got video from the performance here!

Boyd Exell is like a fine wine that gets better with each passing year — the man doesn’t just win, he wins by enormous margins that leave the rest of the field in tatters behind him competing for second place. The recent FEI World Cup Driving qualifier in Stockholm, Sweden was a pretty classic example of Exell’s total dominance in the indoor driving arena: he won the event by a staggered 37 seconds.

Also, can we talk about these indoor driving events for a minute? The tooth-shaking pop music, the clapping to the beat, the energy, the PYROTECHNICS? Seriously, imagine if there was a giant spray of fireworks at the conclusion of your dressage test or stadium round. Tell me how you think that would go.

Watch Boyd’s individual final round below (and make sure your volume is turned up for maximum pop-music, crowd clapping, pyrotechnic effect):

This isn’t just horse sport — this is a whole new form of entertainment, and Boyd Exell is the undisputed star. Indoor driving is exactly our brand of crazy here at Horse Nation, and we salute you, Boyd, as a master and living legend.

Go Boyd Exell, and go driving!

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