Christmas Gift Guide for the Clueless: Stocking Stuffer Edition

Great for shopping on a budget too!

Tuck away your turkeys and drag out those tangled up lights: the countdown to Christmas has begun! Stores are playing the same six Christmas jingles, neighbors are up on wobbly ladders trying to outdo the rest of the block, and I am buying ALL of the peppermints at my local chain store for the ponies at the barn.

Some things around Christmas are easy, but buying for a horse lover can sometimes be difficult. I have received every horse calendar, little painted horse figurine, and piece of turquoise western jewelry known to man. To help ease up on the struggles of buying for the equestrian in your life, here are a few ideas perfect for a small gift for your barn owner or even a stocking stuffer for someone you love!

You can NEVER go wrong with a little personalization and a key chain with the name of the horse that means most to the equestrian you are buying for is bound to be a hit! SmartPak offers these handsome leather snap key rings for an affordable $9.95 plus $7.95 for personalization. With their easy online ordering process and quick shipping, this will definitely be a great fit for any rider!


Photo via Smartpak. Click here to shop site

The only thing better than a ride on your horse is a ride on your horse followed by a nice glass of wine. Perfect for a barn owner or trainer who could unwind after a long day at a show, this dual purpose hoof pick and wine bottle opener from Noble Outfitters is probably my new favorite thing. And for $14.95 from Smartpak you are guaranteed the lowest price on the market for this handy little tool. Noble Outfitters has outdone themselves with this one and it is a must have for anyone in the equestrian world who is of age!


Photo via SmartPak. Click here to shop site

Another affordable gift option is a personalized Camelback water bottle with the initials or monogram of the person you are shopping for! A good water bottle is a must-have in the summer heat, especially when you are at a show or have multiple horses to ride. Generic water bottles are easy mixed up among riders, but with these adorable horse show Camelbacks no one will make that mistake! Offered by SmitteninaMitten on Etsy, these bottles are a STEAL at $20-25 depending on the color you select and if you opt to purchase the insulated version.


Photo via SmitteninaMitten on Etsy. Click here to shop site

Give the gift of selection this year! You can never go wrong with a gift card to Smartpak. The wonderful thing about shopping with SmartPak is their huge selection for all disciplines! And if the person you are shopping for is a SmartPerks member, they will receive free shipping on whatever they decide to purchase with the help of your investment. A gift card is the perfect stocking stuff because you can tailor it to whatever budget you have in mind. From supplements, to rider apparel, to tack, jewelry, grooming supplies, and more — SmartPak will have something for every horse lover you know.


Photo via SmartPak. Click here to shop site

Help that equestrian in your life feel at home with this awesome saddle leather/ tack room scented candle from LAFCO. Hand crafted with a 90 hour burn time, you can’t go wrong with a warm candle that reminds the equestrian in your life of the place they love most- the barn! The packaging on the candle is gorgeous and will make for a relaxing evening (perhaps partnered with a glass of wine, courtesy of that dual purpose wine bottle opener!) for any horse lover. At $60.00 this allows you to invest in a gift that is a little more high end and suitable for anyone who enjoys the finer things. Imagine your barn owner curled up by a fireplace with this beautifully scented candle flickering as they read a good book… now doesn’t that seem serene?


Photo via Lafco. Click here to shop site

But remember- as long as you are purchasing a gift from the heart, your horse lover will love it and appreciate you thinking of them during this jolly season. You don’t have to blow your budget to impress the equestrian in your life. Happy shopping, and go riding!

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