Equitopia: Engaging the Horse, a Western Perspective

The latest video from Equitopia features John Lyons, demonstrating what true engagement should look like in a horse from a western perspective.

Equitopia, based in Cordelia, California, states that its vision is “to have a positive impact on the lives of horses and their humans through providing a non-judgemental and supportive learning environment that delivers tangible results for its participants” — in action, that means providing educational opportunities both online and in person, as well as fundraising to provide scholarships to horse owners in need as well as continued rescue and rehabilitation of sporthorses discarded for undiagnosed physical issues.

Working through the facets of saddle fitting, farrier work, horse health, centered riding, classical foundation training, equine nutrition and behavior consultations, Equitopia seeks to create an enlightened equestrian world that exists in perfect harmony with the horse. Equitopia’s educational videos typically go viral as equestrians all over the world thirst for the knowledge of how to manage and train their horses to create a more perfect bond: check out the latest video, produced with horsemanship trainer John Lyons, discussing engagement in the horse from a western perspective.

Equitopia’s efforts in the western world aren’t limited to just videos — the progam produced a lecture and demonstration at the 2016 All-American Quarter Horse Congress, featuring AQHA breeder, trainer and World, Congress and Futurity champion Nancy Sue Ryan. Ryan demonstrated proper engagement in the horse, while Equitopia educators taught evidence-based understanding of the biomechanics of engagement and gymnastic exercises to produce a stronger, healthier riding horse.

To learn more about Equitopia, please visit the program’s website.

Go riding!

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