SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: SmartCookies

Want to treat your horse right? Introducing SmartPak’s own line of guilt-free horse treats: SmartCookies!

We all love feeding our horses treats — there’s just something satisfying about rewarding your animal for a job well done by giving him a tasty little snack. Much like human snacks, however, the horse treat world has plenty of pitfalls with unhealthy treats made from mysterious ingredients that provide little to no nutritional value: why feed empty calories when you can avoid them?

Fortunately, SmartPak, as always, has a solution: check out the all-new SmartCookies!

SmartCookies come in two flavors: Chia Mint and Guilt-Free Carrot Cake. Both flavors are made from a base of healthy ingredients, including coconut meal, beet pulp, alfalfa, and flaxseed oil, and are flavored with real foods like chia and mint or carrot and cinnamon.

SmartCookies are small “nuggets” that fit easily in your pocket, and they were flavor tested on real horses so you know they come equine-approved!

Treat your horse the healthy way and check out SmartCookies today.

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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