Winter Bingo for Equestrians

With, of course, a drinking-game twist.

Winter is coming, and if I’ve learned anything from the election season, it’s that the only way to survive something so inevitably horrible is to make light of it with silly games and copious amounts of alcohol.

Photo by Biz Stamm

During one of presidential debates, a friend of mine printed off some Presidential Debate Bingo cards, served up some food and drink, and we all hunkered in for something that was guaranteed to be truly terrible. Well, we weren’t wrong. It was terrible, but we were almost able to have a little fun by ticking off the boxes on our┬áPresidential Debate Bingo cards… almost.

Now we have arrived at the time of year where equestrians in the North prepare for what is essentially our Armageddon: winter. I figured if Bingo could make the presidential debates more bearable, it was my duty to try and see if a similar strategy could help my fellow equestrians get through this dark and troubling time.

So here it is. Winter Bingo for equestrians. Print it off. Hang it in the barn, and be sure to keep a bottle of single malt Scotch on hand. Whoever gets blackout first, wins. Blackout Bingo, that is. Go riding!

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 8

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