That Girl from ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ Had a Wild West Wedding and It Was Amazing

The only disappointing part was that somehow we got left off the guest list. Lorraine Jackson dishes on this picture-perfect day.

There are some things that you just never outgrow. In my case, I never left the horse phase, the “Let’s just watch the diving horse movie one more time” phase, and the celebrity wedding stalking phase. Here I am in my thirties wondering when exactly I’m supposed to get on with my life. Never, that’s when.

Ergo, the discovery of Sonora Webster’s recent wedding was kind of a big deal. Not THE Sonora Webster, mind you, but the stunning, scrappy actress who embodied her in your favorite movie about a blind girl in a circus act, Gabrielle Anwar. (Apparently it was last year, but I just found out. Don’t judge.)

The British actress is apparently better known to the rest of the world for her roles in Burn Notice, The Tudors, and a magnificent dance scene with Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, but to us she’ll always be Sonora. And judging by her themed Montana ranch wedding, I get the impression she wouldn’t mind one bit being remembered that way.

Gabrielle married Shareef Malnik, a world class chef who owns The Forge Steakhouse and Winery in Miami. The devoted couple settled on a magnificent destination wedding in Big Sky Country and dove head-first into a wild 1800’s western theme, even asking their guests to dress up.

The result is everything you’d hope it would be, complete with two wedding dresses which Gabrielle made herself with nineteenth century lace and fabrics, whiskey, music, food, and of course, horses.

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And sealed with a shot of tequila @gabrielleanwar #ourranchywedding #bestweddingever #montana

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On to the next stage #ourranchywedding @gabrielleanwar #bestwifeever #montana @theranchatrockcreek A photo posted by Shareef Malnik (@shareefmalnik) on

My bride the day before the wedding #ourranchywedding @rockcreekranch @gabrielleanwar

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#ourranchywedding A mother daughter moment! ☺️

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#ourranchywedding in Montana

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If you’re wondering what she’s up to now, word on the street is Gabrielle is busy raising her family and recently finished her first novel, which she hopes will be out sometime next year. If there’s horses in it, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Go Riding.

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