Jake Nodar & His Pony Are Burning Down the Internet

Also, the pony’s name is Tyrion.

File Jake Nodar under “Horse Nation Hero.”

Some may know him for his horsemanship — he trains out of Riley Meadows in Frederick, Maryland using a combination of natural and classic horsemanship — while others may recognize him as a star of the TV series Naked & Afraid XL, which culminated in Nodar accidentally poisoning himself on tainted fruit and nearly losing his life in South Africa.

And still others may know him for this indescribably brilliant video of himself and his miniature horse Tyrion dancing in a bedroom while dressed like Sia. Both of them. They both dance.

Jake Nodar is a shining example to equestrians everywhere: you do you. Don’t let the haters get under your skin, and don’t be afraid to dress like a pop star and dance with your pony if that’s where your equestrian life takes you.

This Insta-video has exploded recently, with sites like Buzzfeed picking up on its total brilliance. Jake and Tyrion — what an excellent name for a mini, by the way — released a thank-you video this week.

A big thank you from Tyrion and me! ❤️? #sia #miniaturehorse #ponydance #thankyou A video posted by Jake Nodar (@jakenodar) on

STOP. My heart can’t handle it.

Jake Nodar is not just an Instagram cowboy — he’s a professional horseman and the head trainer at Riley Meadows of Maryland. He’s a certified John Lyons horseman as well as a practitioner of more classical training methods, with experience in a wide variety of disciplines and breeds:

A little round pen work for Ari. #horse #summerdays #instagay A photo posted by Jake Nodar (@jakenodar) on

Last ride before vaca! #horse #winesdaywednesday #instagay #scruff   A photo posted by Jake Nodar (@jakenodar) on

Enjoying the beautiful day on this #ottb #horse A photo posted by Jake Nodar (@jakenodar) on

Schooling the big boy. Such a sweetheart. #horse #dressage #horseforsale   A photo posted by Jake Nodar (@jakenodar) on

Additionally, his selfie game is STRONG.

Last ride of the week on this big love bug. #horse #friday #scruff #instagay #prompicture #ombré A photo posted by Jake Nodar (@jakenodar) on

But let’s not kid ourselves — some of the best part of Jake’s Instagram account are his constant shenanigans with Tyrion. Because we all need a tiny unicorn in our lives, and we all want to frolic with it in a meadow.

Jake, you’re a Horse Nation hero and we’re happy to know you.

Go riding!

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