7 GIFs That Sum Up Equestrian Life During the Fall-Winter Transition

No matter how ready we think we are for winter, it’s never an easy ride. Literally.

No matter how gradual the changing of the seasons might be, there comes a moment in every transitional period of the year when the equestrian stops, asks themselves what on earth just happened and has to do some serious reassessment of their life choices. (Typically, that results in us equestrians changing absolutely nothing about our horsey life anyway.)

Here are a few GIFs to help illustrate what I mean.

When you try to get a handle on which of your horse’s many sheets and blankets should accompany which temperature brackets.

When your horse loses a shoe in the mud thanks to the rain/snow/sleet mix that’s been falling all morning.

When you lose a shoe in the same mud hole.

When your fancy custom body clip you saw on Pinterest turns your horse into a lopsided partially-hairless disaster.


Your previously-high-because-autumn-was-happening horse gets even more high now that temperatures are actually cold.

Daylight Saving Time.

Don’t worry, equestrians — we’re here at Horse Nation to help you through the darkest months. Air your equestrian grievances in the comments section and we’ll all commiserate together.

Go riding!

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