Tuesday Video: Hay, Chef

When an on-farm cooking show gets a few dinner party crashers, the result is pretty entertaining for all of us horse lovers.

Having horses in your life is a blessing, and having horses at your home in your own backyard or pastures is even better. But I think we can all agree that there does need to be a certain line dividing horse space from human space … otherwise, you get a situation like this one, where chef Eric Wilson received a little unexpected “help” from the occupants of the pasture where he was attempting to cook a meal.

Hey, at least the horses weren’t actually in his kitchen.

When the extras start misbehaving ? #Foodterra

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Foodterra produces a web series called “Just Picked: Cooking Through a CSA” which focuses on community-supported agriculture and the meals such farms can create. Horse Nation gives its kudos to chef Eric Wilson for handling as gracefully as he could the little open-air kitchen invasion from some very curious horses.

Go riding!

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