SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: If Horses Were People, Treats Edition

Your favorite SmartPak video series is back! If horses were people, how would they handle treats? (Perhaps not so differently from the way people handle treats in the first place.)

Nothing is more fun than spoiling your horse with horse treats or horse cookies. And yes, no matter how many times we’re told it really would be better and safer to feed horse treats in a bucket or pan, it’s just an equestrian rite of passage to feel your horse eat a treat right out of your hand. We use treats to reward, to bribe and to spoil our equines — and SmartPak’s exploring the various aspects of treat feeding in their latest “If Horses Were People” video.

Take it away, Sarah and Sara:

Oh yes, that all looks quite familiar. Don’t miss any of the “If Horses Were People” videos — click here to open the full playlist.

Curious about SmartCookies? SmartPak’s own line of horse treats include a healthy base of coconut meal, beet pulp, alfalfa and flaxseed oil, and come in two flavors of ChiaMint and Guilt-Free Carrot Cake. Made with wholesome ingredients in a bite-size shape that fits easily in your pocket, SmartCookies are the delicious and healthy way to reward your horse.

Check out SmartPak’s full selection of horse treats here!

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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