Thursday Video: ‘The Equestrian’

What looks like pure elegance belies hours of hard work and peak physical fitness — for both the horse and the rider.

The digital-based magazine Furthermore, which publishes science-based articles on health, fitness and lifestyle, took a closer look at the equestrian lifestyle and riding as a sport in a recent feature video and Q&A. Furthermore followed professional trainer McKenzie Rollins, based at Mill Creek Equestrian Center in Topanga, California to learn more about fitness in the rider.

Check out the stunning video accompanying Furthermore‘s interview:

From the intro to the Q&A:

Quite a bit of fitness is less than graceful: the grunting, the sweating, the fatigue. But a highly physical and high-performance life can also be rife with beauty, and there’s no better example than the sport of horseback riding. At Mill Creek Equestrian Center in Topanga, California, trainer McKenzie Rollins is an athlete working with athletes—those athletes just happen to be horses. She gave us a glimpse into the world of horseback riding, which marries elegance with sport in a truly unique fashion.

To read the complete interview with McKenzie Rollins, please click here.

Go equestrians, and go riding!

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