Thursday Video: CGI Horse Demo

How do the magicians who create CGI movies “build” horses? Like you might imagine, they start with the skeleton and work their way out!

I’ll admit that I was a child of the animated Disney generation — my heart will forever belong to the good old-fashioned line drawings, from the white Arabians galloping across the desert in Aladdin to the drafty Phillipe of Beauty and the Beast and the noble and loyal Khan of Mulan.

That said, this step-by-step breakdown on how a CGI horse is “built” is pretty amazing, and if this video doesn’t earn your respect for the intense job of the CGI artist we don’t know what will:

Amazing! The horse isn’t built from the ground up, but the skeleton out. From a lay perspective, this looks like a ton of work just to create one horse — and a CGI movie might include thousands of moving parts! We find this video so hypnotizing we might watch it more than once.

Go riding!

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