Fantasy Farm Thursday: Barn Aisle Turned Wedding Aisle

Fantasy Farm Wedding Bells edition!

We take a break this week from our usual oohing and ahhing over decadent horse properties around the world to bring you some oohing and ahhing over a decadent horse property fit for a barn princess on her royal wedding day!

There are plenty of open air barn wedding ideas out their to fill your pinterest board from here until next spring, but this might be the first I’ve seen a wedding in an honest-to-goodness barn aisle, complete with hay bale seating and an alfalfa walkway. It all comes off smashingly because this is not just any barn aisle, but a world class barn aisle:

The ceremony was held in the barn, and the reception was held under a white tent on the sprawling lawn of the property – all at the Bella Cavalli Farms in Santa Ynez, California. The property was previously part of Flag Is Up Farms, owned by famed Natural Horsemanship trainer Monty Roberts and his wife Pat. Now it’s home to not only a world class equestrian facility, but also a vineyard and winery. That’s right, horses, wine, and weddings. I’m officially on board.

In addition to two beautiful sets of barns (some for performance horses and some for broodmares) there are also three exceptional arena spaces: an indoor reining arena, a hedged outdoor jumping arena, and a stylish full-size dressage arena, all three on state-of-the-art footing. There is also a half-mile conditioning track.

Owner Jeff Lockwood is the onsite western trainer, and Julie Corlett is the on-site dressage instructor. Surprisingly, board is not as completely off the wall as you might fear: residence in the show barn with full care and management is 17.50 per day, or around $525 per month.

The facility can also be rented for events besides weddings, like corporate parties, clinics, or I’m sure just about anything else for the right price. You can get more information at Bella Cavallia Farms website.

Go Riding!

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