SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Bridleless Cutting

If you want to see a true example of just how much natural “cow sense” a cutting horse possesses, look no further.

You don’t need to be into Quarter horses to appreciate that the All-American Quarter Horse Congress is a spectacle to behold: it’s the largest single-breed show in the nation, drawing hundreds of competitors from all corners of the continent and plenty of talented horses. There are also exhibitions, demonstrations and of course acres of shopping at one horse show grounds as well. The classes themselves become attractions of their own.

Such as the bridleless cutting — one of the few, if only, events at a recognized horse show intentionally for horses shown with a bridle, the bridleless cutting was won this year by Cullen Chartier aboard Once You Go Black, or “Zorro” with a score of 227. Watch Zorro demonstrate his total focus on the cow and impressive athleticism with absolutely no help from the hands of Chartier!

The audio from this video is a bit loud (not that we entirely blame the commentators for their excitement, but still, guys, easy on those microphones) so you may want to watch with the volume turned down low, especially if you’re sneaking a peek on the job (shh, we won’t tell).

No bridle, no problem! We love to see horses doing what they love, and arguably few horses have as much passion for their work as a good cowhorse.

Go cutting, and go riding!

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