Tuesday Video: Boy Sells Lemonade, Buys Pony

No one appreciates hard work and thrift like an equestrian. And no equestrian perhaps worked harder to buy his first pony than this budding young rider.

Many horse-loving kids are like this:


Sebastian Lucas, on the other hand, got his pony the old-fashioned way: he saved up for it. This budding young equestrian of Queensland, Australia sold lemonade and iced tea for the staggering sum of 20 cents a cup and saved his proceeds for three years until he could afford to purchase a pony (with, as noted, a little help from Santa and the Tooth Fairy).

Impressive, when you consider that this pony cost him about $3,000:

Sebastian, we at Horse Nation salute you, and welcome you into the equestrian family. What a wonderful young model of the kind of dedication, thrift and patience often required in the horse world — how many of us also waited years and years, carefully saving our hard-earned money in the hopes that someday we too could be riding high?

We hope you enjoy saving all of your nickels and dimes, kid … they don’t call us “horse poor” for nothing.

Go riding!

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