5 Topics You Missed at Equestrians Anonymous

Are you a member of Horse Nation’s own forums Equestrians Anonymous? Here are 5 conversations you missed this week!


We get it: there are only so many times you can tell your coworker about how your show went last weekend, and even your fellow boarders get tired of discussing the pros and cons of hoof supplements after awhile. Maybe you need to bounce an idea off of a new crowd of horse people, or maybe you’re seeking opinions on a bit or saddle pad and want some feedback. No matter what reason you come to Horse Nation’s own forums Equestrians Anonymous, we’re positive you’ll find a supportive community of fellow horse lovers in a happy, judgement-free zone.

Here are five conversations going on right now:

1. Are you prepared for an emergency? (WARHorses)

This is a timely discussion between extreme conditions in the Southeast thanks to Hurricane Matthew, storms in the Rockies and Pacific Northwest and the coming change in the seasons. Are you and your horse prepared for emergencies? Swap your tips and pick up some new ideas here on our new WARHorses forum (Women of Age Riding Horses).

2. Reiki for horses (Horse Health)

Reader Jason has just achieved his Level 2 Reiki healing certification and is about to start treating clients’ horses in his area, and he wants to know if any other readers have experience with Reiki healing on their animals. If this sounds like you or you want to learn more, join the forums and weigh in on this discussion!

3. Self-defense while riding? (Endurance/Trail)

Creepy clowns or otherwise, it’s never a bad idea to know how to take care of yourself and your horse should you need to defend yourselves from the saddle. Check out the original story that prompted this conversation and then share your experiences and ask questions!

4. Your riding goals (WARHorses)

Do you set big goals in your riding, or do you prefer to just enjoy each ride as a gift? (Or some combination?) In our new WARHorses forum, we want to know what goes into your riding experience, how you set your riding goals and how you deal with setbacks or disappointments. Join other “women of age riding horses” to discuss!

5. Low thyroid in a horse??? (Horse Health)

Reader Lynnell is looking at a new horse to potentially buy — but he has low thyroid. Do you have any experience with low thyroid in horses? Share your information with Lynnell and help her decide what to do!

Check out the forums at Equestrians Anonymous, join a conversation or start a new thread of your own! Go riding.

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