Video: Stallion Parade of Marbach

Julien Guntz’ latest work is here! Experience the sights and sounds of the stallion parade at Germany’s oldest state stud.

Videographer Julien Guntz uses a stationary camera and microphone in his work to capture a realistic glimpse into scenes both familiar and foreign from horse events and properties all over the world. Through his videos, we’ve traveled to France for harness racing on the beach, Hickstead, England for one of the world’s greatest horse shows and now Germany to revisit the 500-year-old state stud of Marbach.

We’ve taken a look at Marbach before, but now we’re observing the stallion parade: 180 horses, 80 riders and 25,000 visitors combine for an exciting pageant of equestrian display.

This si perhaps the next best thing to actually attending the Marbach stallion parade in person. As always, Julien, our hats are off to you and your brilliant videography work!

Go riding!

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