Tuesday Video: One Horsepower Engine

… yeah, that’s not what they meant, is it?

Behold, the mighty economy car with its single-horsepower engine!

Okay, so we don’t actually condone this as a good idea, given the rate of distracted drivers already having a hard time understanding how and why they should pass horses carefully on public roadways — but we do have to give this driver a little credit for his creativity and ingenuity in the design of his road cart.

As a safety reminder, horse-drawn vehicles in most states of the US are required to bear the slow-moving vehicle placard, that bright orange and reflective triangle, on the back to warn motorists that they are not moving at the speed of traffic. Lights are always a good idea, as well as the ability to use hand signals to indicate to motorists if you are planning to stop or turn.

Regardless, this driver and horse are happy to cruise in that one-horsepower cart up and down the road. Go driving!

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