Gallery: She Said Yes! A Very Pony Proposal

Reader Ashley Snell shared this adorable photo gallery with Horse Nation of her well-orchestrated proposal, involving, of course, horses.

We love sharing reader stories of unique things they do with their horses … like this very pony engagement proposal. Reader Ashley Snell kindly shared her story and a photo gallery of how this special day went down!

“With a little help from my horses, I proposed to my girlfriend, Marissa, last weekend. I spent a few months training my gelding, Absolut, to go down on one knee (bow) so he could help me pop the big question. He truly loved the process because it meant he got about 40 treats a day for 4 months (fatty). My mare, Paloma (who refused to work for food), wore a halter with a nameplate that read ‘Will You Marry Me?’ with the ring hanging off the halter clip.

“Marissa believed that we were going to the barn for a fall photo shoot that my coworker had offered to do so she could expand her portfolio. She was certainly shocked when she took hold of Paloma and noticed the halter plate. She looked at me shocked, and that’s when Absolut and I dropped a knee. Absolut has always loved Paloma, and I’ve always loved Marissa. Lucky for us, both ladies said yes.”

Photography by Amanda Rains. Click thumbnails to open a full-size image.






Horse Nation congratulates you, Ashley and Marissa, and we wish you all the best!

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