Video: Conan Gets Awkward Polo Lesson From Nacho

Admittedly, I’m pretty sure I would also be this awkward if Nacho Figueras were personally teaching me the nuances of the sport of the kings.

What is there to say about Nacho Figueras that doesn’t come across like we’re objectifying him? He’s a world-class polo player. He’s devoted his career to bringing polo to the masses, attempting to help it shed its elitist image. And of course he’s a fragrance model for Ralph Lauren and he’s ridiculously good-looking. Oops. We tried.

Anyway, let’s back up to the polo for a minute: Nacho recently gave Conan of late-night TV fame a little one-on-one polo lesson. In Conan’s words, “I would like to master polo … in twenty to forty minutes.” Yeah, we’ll see how that works out.

The first few minutes of this short are full of Conan’s characteristic awkward humor as Nacho does his best to keep things light. Once the horses come out, it’s pretty clear that Nacho’s back in comfortable territory, and from that point on it’s mostly fun and games.

“It’s like Jurassic Park!”

Okay, Conan, while we wish you DID decide to put that helmet on, we do have to give you credit — that went way better than we would have guessed. Whenever horses get some airtime on prime television, it’s a good day — so Conan, we salute you. (Nacho, call us.)

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Go polo, and go riding!

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