Look Out For Those Clydesdale Photobombers

Say cheese!

What’s more annoying than this: you’re just out for a nice day with your buddies, and someone gets you all together for a group photo, and once you’re flipping back through your camera roll you notice that you fell victim to a photobomber. I mean, the nerve of some horses! How rude.

Photo by Kim Supko.

Photo by Kim Supko.


Photographer Kim Supko kindly shared her image with us at Horse Nation — because if there’s one thing we love more than photobombing horses, it’s photobombing Clydesdales!

This is not the first time the Clydes have struck in photography: there’s this famous image courtesy of Reddit:


…and a whole host of other hilarious equine and animal photobombers that you can find here.

Those goofy Clydesdales, always clowning around and cheesin’ in your photos. But hey — far less haunting than those creepy clowns, way more endearing than that obnoxious guy standing behind you at the party … yeah, we’d take being photobombed by the Clydes any day.

Special thanks to Kim Supko for sharing her image with us!

Go riding!

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