#TBT: 12 Reaction GIFs That Sum Up How Equestrians Deal With Injuries

Rider falls off? Rub some dirt in it. Horse takes a bad step? Alert the National Guard.

All I’m going to say to preface this collection is, thank goodness there’s no such thing as Web MD for horse injuries (and no, the Chronicle forums do not count).

Horse comes in from the pasture missing a shoe…


…rider’s foot gets stepped on.


Horse has an abscess…


…rider has a blister from new boots.


 Horse has small, superficial cut on his nose…


…rider gets shocked by the electric fence.


Horse has a swollen bug bite from one of those really big horseflies…


…rider gets finger bitten off by the really nasty mare at the end of the aisle.


Horse has a shoulder rub from a new blanket…


…rider breaks arm getting bucked off of new project.


Horse overreaches and nicks the bulb of his own heel…


…rider is trampled by the entire herd while carrying a load of full feed pans, in the mud.

Go riding! (And stay safe out there!)

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