#TBT: 7 Super Adorable Horsey Autumn Decor Ideas

Whip out the glue gun, fabric scissors and measuring tape, kids, because it’s autumn and it’s time to get crafty!

I don’t know what happens when the days start to get shorter and the air gets a little crisper and the leaves start to change … some people go into full-on cozy outfit planning and pumpkin-spice-latte sipping mode, and I go into a 100% nesting state: it’s time to make soups, bake things, and pretend that I have the interior decorating skills of Martha Stewart.

Since I, like you, have horses and realistically have zero time to actually do anything cute and seasonal, this generally amounts to putting out a scented candle and maybe buying a few potted mums for the front porch — but these ideas, courtesy of Pinterest, are pretty darn cute, and I might even be attempting one or two of them this year. Who’s with me?

Horse Shoe Crafts

Let’s be honest: not everyone has a forge in their garage to be banging out some crazy-intricate horse shoe art, and few of us are probably master welders — but I’d like to think with some Gorilla Glue and maybe a little JB Weld we could probably fake our way through some of these.

This one, I’m pretty sure anyone can do:

This one’s a bit more elaborate, but it’s super-impressive if you can pull it off.

Western Wreath

This may clash with your “huntsmen chic” interior look if you’ve got more of an English bent to your riding, but for the rancher in all of us this is really creative and very cute. I suppose the hunter-types could use a fake or antique round hunter’s horn and achieve a similar look.

Halloween Spirit for the Horse

Easy peasy and perfect for ticking off your conservative trainer the entire month of October: if you’re not big into sewing I bet you could use iron-on patches and get creative!

Ambitiously Large Lawn Projects

Okay, Pinterest, let’s keep it under control here … but in reality, I feel like you can probably get this done with heavy wire or chicken fencing, some fabric and maybe some Christmas lights wound around the inside to go with your fake decorative lawn plow or what have you.

Now this one is getting a little out of hand even for me, the draft horse lover, but if you’ve got the spare time, lots of patience, tons of hot glue and some dried corn stalks, go to town. And then take a photo and send it to us because we want to see how it turned out.

And when all else fails …

“Shabby rustic chic” is SO in right now. AKA, throw a bunch of hay bales and pumpkins in a pile and you’re done.

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